Heavy-Duty Coil Feed Lines

If you need two Coil Reels to hold one coil, you need a Heavy-Duty Coil Feed Line above all.

One that is designed extremely robust and knows to subdue even materials of highest bounce and largest cross-sections.To ensure this, we have taken no heed to cost savings but went by the maximum principle: 2 Coil Reels with high-performance arbors retain the coils from left and right. 2 x 2 hydraulic arms secure them from top and bottom – each with eight tons pressure force, each with hydraulically driven snubber roll.

The loading is done with one central lifting gear built into a super-duty running frame for the V-nest. Hydraulic manipulators with pivoting and bending function support the threading of the material. On the receiving end, a Pre-Straightener with 200mm work rolls takes over, after hydraulic edge guides have ensured central entry.

Now, if someone asks us our definition of “heavy-duty”: We find 36.000 kilogram coil weight and 2.000x12mm high-strength steel strip to be just that…

“Even the strongest coil is no match for our Systems.”

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