More efficiency for the removal of stamping scraps

In contrast to the attachment of one or more Linear Transporters to a tool, with PSKS only one unit is mounted directly in the center of the press bolster by means of a height-adjustable bracket. This allows a wide variety of tools to be operated with just one GSW Powerspeed. For each different tool, only the right chutes need to be fitted (in width and length).

Left and right – mostly on the far outsides – are height-adjustable brackets with linear guide rails. An aluminum profile rod connects the three components and is attached using metal clamps.

The chutes can now be placed anywhere over the entire width of the system. They are fixed using a nylon U-type bracket that is permanently mounted to the sides of the chutes. Because of the snug fit between brackets aluminum profile, the attachment of the chutes is done very easy but still holds tight.

Consequently, changing chutes for different tools is a matter of seconds. Their width and length are determined by the width of the respective scrap channel of the tools and of course by the depth of the press bolster.


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