Coil Reels

Coil Reels build the beginning of systems that process coils – and sometimes also the end.

The applications range from film-thin strips with cardboard core to twometer large 30-ton coils. In order to meet these diverse requirements efficiently, we have developed six types over the years. As a result, we don’t have to overload or under-challenge any construction at great expense.

In addition to the basic structure with adapted machine housings and drives, the main difference between the Coil Reel types is the expansion technology: the bevel gear expansion in the lightweight machines has the advantage of a particularly large expansion range. Two variants of the middleweight Coil Reels, on the other hand, work with the extremely efficient lever-arm principle – we now offer this technology up to a width of 1.500 mm and a maximum coil weight of 5.5 tons. Sliding wedges are used for heavier coils – this means that high forces can then be transmitted enduringly.

And with the Dual Coil Reel, the structure is reinforced to the maximum, two sliding wedge expansionstake up the coils from left and right – just as it should be for an indestructible steel colossus.

Single Coil Reels

Double-ended Coil Reels

Horizontal Coil Reels

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