Hydraulic Shears

Our Hydraulic Shears use liquids as a drive –

unlike pneumatic ones. They cover a particularly large area of ​​application, thanks to the extremely long and torsion-resistant guidance of the movable cutting block. And as cutting load and machine width increase, we add structure protect the machine from bending.

With the Hydraulic Shears we get cutting forces of over 100 metric tons – you can imagine that this corresponds to final separations. And that even at a relatively high and constant cutting rate – thanks to sophisticated fuel supply with accumulator charging technology, adapted cross-sections of the tubing and fast valves. The result boasts with a possible realization of the up/down cycle lift in less than 0.5 seconds.

A particular advantage also lies in the substantial power reserves of the Hydraulic Shears. Because it allows that the cutting gap does not have to be adjusted. While this puts a higher load on the cutting blades, it can, however, be mastered without any problems, thanks to the high-strength tool steel, the blades are made of, and their particularly low-wear geometry.

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Our latest addition is the Oscillating Shear: We have adapted the Hydraulic Shears to work with a turntable as substructure. This way, we can carry out varying angle cuts. The motion is transmitted via a high precision swiveling drive powered by a servo motor, resulting in very fast movements with an accuracy of just a few angular seconds. If you want to know more about this, just contact us.


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