Coils Cradles are used to safely unwind coils in rough production environments.

Combined with a straightening unit, they become Cradle-Straighteners. With this combination machine, the processing of narrow & thick coil materials is supported in a particularly safe and efficient fashion. With great advantages too: simple and safe handling of even high-strength, high spring-back strip materials, short set-up times, quick centering of the coils already during the actual loading process, and last but not least the possibility of rewinding unfinished coils.

The straightening part of our Cradle-Straighteners is done with our RMA alligator type straightening heads. Their opening feature allows for a smooth transition from the unwinding to the straightening. And thanks to the modular tie-bar design of the machine body, additional functions such as motorized guide plates or drive extensions can be easily integrated.

Cradle-Straighteners are particularly cost-efficient, compact, safe and user-friendly. And thus, one of the best machine concepts in coil processing.


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