Thick strip steel requires an especially safe and thought-out design concept – even more so, when “thick” is extended with “high-tensile”.

Here, safety, longevity and operability are more important than indexing dynamics.

For the design of the straightening and retaining components, this requires high stiffness.

We have developed our own answer to this challenge: the Cradle-Feeder-Straightener.

As opposed to a Compact Feed Line with Coil Reel, now the Cradle is the receiver of the coil. Its bottom-mounted drive rolls efficiently turn the coil from its outside diameter instead of the core.

With hydraulic manipulators and a hydraulically opening alligator leveling head, even thickest and narrowest materials are easily threaded, indexed – and even safely rewound if necessary.

Since the coil only is let down into the cradle (and not carefully maneuvered onto an expansion arbor), set-up is performed in record time.

By the way: Our Cradle-Feeder-Straighteners take as little as 3 ½ meters of floor space.

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