Slitting Lines

Also Slitting Lines do of course belong to the family of Cutting Lines. They are suitable especially for such customers who have to control a large portfolio of coil widths within their production. And if you build quality products you need quality even in your primary material. Finding it requires a good Steel Service Center but can be costly and unavailable at time of need. So why not cut your own coils?

Our Slitting Lines are optimized for smaller batches and provide flexibility supporting your deadlines.

And better even: size and type of mother coils are not restrained as only the desired width is cut. You basically create your own small Service Center – with products of same high quality, yet more affordable.

PS: as a note regarding the slitting technology – we have special experience with console-type slitting tools. Here, the slitting head does not need to be changed over but the tooling is simply shifted sideways and clamped for new widths. This design helps to reduce both costs and downtime.

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