Reel-Straightener Combination

Our Reel-Straightener Combinations are especially suitable for thin strips that are processed with high dynamics. We recommend a maximum cross-section of approx. 500 x 2.0 mm. The advantage of these combinations lies in the short changeovers and the saving of space and money –thus for instance, only one loop and one machine baseare required here instead of usually two.

And in contrast to other competitors, with our Reel-Straightener Combination, the strip loop is being developed already at the top coil exit.

This is made possible by the positioning of the alligator-type straightening unit at 11 o’clock (from the operator’s point of view). Consequently, the machine can be mounted very to the feeding unit. Other solutions have the straightening head mounted at the 13 or 14 o’clock position, requiring a greater distance to form the loop.

To support the strip exiting the Straightening Unit, a top mounted semi-circle roller arrangement offers a clean radius, so that no material deformation will occur in the subsequent loop.

For particularly sensitive strips and larger coil weights, we offer a system with separate drive for the Coil Reel. The material is now actively uncoiled into a bottom loop (no extra space needed!), relieving the Straightening Unit from pulling the coil mass.


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