Double-ended Coil Reels

The Double-ended Coil Reel is the embodiment of productivity.
On one side, the materialis still uncoiled diligently, while the other one is already loaded with a new coil. Put down the hold down arm, cut the strapping, half a turn and off you go! Incidentally, for heavy weights (and for users spoiled for comfort) there is also the option of supporting the rotation with a motor. And those who have been hit by the shortage of skilled workers can even use the fully automatic function – the “coil-change deluxe version”, so to speak.

But just as you only ever see one side of the coin the other side of the Double-ended Coil Reel is also not visible. That’s why the topic of safety plays a major role: Is the rotating mechanism securely locked? Can really nobody get through to the active side? Which head must currently be set in manual as the loading side? These and many other questions we have found answers to, and therefore equip our Double-ended Coil Reels with appropriate safety bolts, adapted protective fencing and sensory supervisions. Because one thing is certain: even if productivity is the top priority, your safety always comes first.

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