Combination Slitting &
Cut-To-Length Lines

The Combination Slitting & Cut-To-Length Lines are probably the most flexible coil processing lines within the field of cutting.

By combining the cutting lengthwise and across, the coil material can be processed into a variety of blanks. So, if your production features a limited number of different coils as basic materials, while the variety of widths and lengths of the blanks is high, a Combination Slitting & Cut-To-Length Line will be the right choice.

The system bases on the Cut-To-Length technology while offering the additional functionality of slitting. Since the slitting technology is home-made too, we can provide a fully integrated solution. An incisive experience so to speak.

As a sizable advantage, storage space and material costs per ton are both significantly reduced, and with Combination Slitting & Cut-To-Length Lines even smallest batches can be delivered immediately.

“Seven with one blow? No problem! Provided we hit sheet metal.”

Marcel Minkner

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