Conventional Feed Lines

With Conventional Feed Lines, the focus lies on speed and material surface.

That’s why Conventional Feed Lines are equipped with a Coil Reel for pull-off, a Straightener with variable frequency drive a coil loop and a Servo Roll Feed: the loop uncouples the more inert straightening process from the highly dynamic indexing process and thus allows for high line speeds and preservation of the material surface.

Since productivity and capacity demands can vary significantly, we have created different control concepts: while small Feed Lines work with a simple pneumatic drag brake at the Coil Reel and an ultrasonic sensor to control the Straightener speed, the large Feed Lines get fully synchronized controls with motor-limited Coil Reels and a smart loop, creating a steady average speed of the whole line. This allows smooth pull-off of high coil weights while the loop remains very calm – in addition, the Servo Roll Feed can work with full dynamics, even at long indexing progressions.

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