Coil-End Joining

Logically, even the continuous coil material ends at some point, but of course the production doesn’t. At least that mostly does not happen at the same time.

In order to fight the resulting downtime, our Coil-End Joiners are therefore indispensable.

Our sequence-controlled system includes a precision welding head and precise cutting and positioning devices. The two integrated Hydraulic Shears and the strip clamps can be moved so that the leading and trailing strip ends can be fitted precisely.

For those who like it less automated but more cost-effective, we have developed a simpler technology – using just one Hydraulic Shear and fixed clamps. The strip ends are positioned manually here – this is supported by an easily accessible hand lever to individually activate the pneumatic clamps. A double edge guide with vertical rollers centers the new strip and can be adjusted also decentral for alignment. The actual welding process is taken over by the operator himself.

Conclusion: Whether pragmatic or automatic – we have got something for everyone with our Coil-End Joiners.


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