Our Levelers are used when remnant stresses have to be homogenized

and a sheet or strip material must be without tension for the subsequent process. This is important, because otherwise unplanned warping can occur in the punching or bending processes. It firstly requires the right rolls: the smaller their diameter, the more effective the rolls will work. Consequently, the diameter of our smallest roll is just 24 mm. Levelers are designed to be particularly precise and robust –an ultimate requirement to not damage these small rolls by the high driving forces that come down on them.

Furthermore, support rollers (so called “back-ups”), which prevent the straightening rolls from deflecting, can leave a track on the material surface. This is prevented with the 6-high design: we have arranged a row of rolls of equal length above the straightening rolls – the intermediate rolls – and then the actual back-up rollers above them. In sectional view, there are then six levels of rolls – hence the 6-high design.

We have also designed a very efficient cleaning system that helps keep the roll surface immaculate and thus protects the material. This way we can guarantee you a perfect product.

“Metal is best worked on with a System”.

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