If you want to safely turn large and heavy coils from a lying into a standing position (and vice versa), you cannot do without an Upender.

The coil can now simply be set down on the Upender V-nest by means of a forklift – straps and chains, which often damage the coil edges, are no longer necessary, as are adventurous and dangerous methods of trying to turn the coils.

How does it work? The internal electric drive, which initially stops the upending half-shell (cleanly welded of course) at 80°, ensures extremely smooth operation. No rattling, no wobbling, nice and smooth movements. That being necessary may sound strange at first but avoiding such “parasitic noises” increases safety for material and operator enormously. Double running chains, fully encapsulated bearings and the maximum possible enlancement of the drive sprockets ensure that this safety is permanently given.

We offer a variety of options too – for example, adjustable tilting protection swords for narrow single coils, or lifting beams to position an empty pallet prior to downending a coil for packaging.

“I can twist it any way I want. Up to 30 tons with the touch of a finger.”

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