Accessories in top form.

While forming only changes the shape and punching only cuts away parts in a certain form, our accessories are always in top form. This enables us to answer all questions that arise about forming and stamping technology, such as: What to do with scrap and slugs? How do I erect coils? How do I clean the machines from metal chips, lube and dirt? In our range of products for the press room, you will find both the right accessories for the processing of coil materials (and for the machines required for this job), as well as for your needs around the punching press.

Ultimately, if one of your questions should remain unanswered: contact us and we will find a solution together. After all, your concern and our concern are the same: to get the best results out of your production – quickly, safely and in the long term.

We here at GSW are determined to live what we preach: add true value thru tailored and integrated solutions.

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