Cut-To-Length Lines

Cut-To-Length Lines are core competence at GSW.

They belong to the family of Cutting Lines and are designed to process diverse materials out of steel, non-ferrous metals or aluminum and precisely cut a coil into sections of equal length (which is where the name comes from).

Starting with narrow slit strip and finishing somewhere beyond 2000mm width – our Cut-To-Length Lines always know how to shine in this process.

Some exceptions granted (such as marking systems), we produce all individual machines involved ourselves: Coil Reels, Levelers, Servo Roll Feeds, Shears… even the Stacking Technology is an in-house product.

If productivity is key, we like to use our Flying Shears (with servo positioning axis) or work with loop pits and high-speed Servo Roll Feeds.

In order to further functionality, we would implement PVC Applicators and Punching Tools. This way, one solution delivers several products.

PS: we recently developed a new Drop Stacker with servo-driven fingers. The machine is much faster and more versatile than the pneumatic or hydraulic alternative, resulting in significantly better output. As another advantage, the Servo Drop Stacker covers a larger spectrum of material cross-sections.

“We here at GSW are determined to live what we preach: add true value thru tailored and integrated solutions.”

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