Roll Feeds

We have two basic requirements for Roll Feeds:

Precise and fast material indexing – even with tough & continuous use.

Most important technical precondition to live up to that demand is a forced parallel setting of the top roll. To ensure this, we do not leave its piloting and balancing to the cylinders, but instead build guided balancer shafts and precision brass crank guides in our Roll Feeds. In addition, a mechanical stroke limiter ensures fast indexing cycles.

With a no backlash drive and our powerful servomotors, our Roll Feeds reliably transfer high accelerations onto the strip and thus guarantee excellent feeding performance.

As a special Roll Feed version, our Zigzag Feeds, support the production of blanks (also known as blanking). Thanks to the powerful ball screw drives, very precise results can be achieved. And due to the compact dimensions (both the Roll Feed head and the zigzag axis are built on one adapted welding bracket), the Zigzag Feed is optimally suited for the cramped Press entry area.

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