Uncoiler Feeder-Straightener

A perfect combination of space savings and dynamics: the GSW Compact Feed Lines

Our Compact Feed Lines are an ideal answer to the challenge of a constraint floor and necessity to process thick materials. Marrying the processes of leveling and indexing into one Feeder-Straightener machine allows for a complete Feed Line with only two individual machines and thus greatly reduces the necessary length.

Additionally, the decoupling of the coil mass from the indexing process – achievedthrough a short loop between Coil Reel and Feeder-Straightener – enables dynamic feeding despite the compact footprint. And, if cross-sections are especially big, the loop can be spared completely, creating yet more space.

One more advantage, virtually a by-product out of their very nature, is the quicker set-up of our Compact Feed Lines. This elevates them to not only space- but also time-savers!

“Our Compact Feed Lines safe space. Particularly in your CAPEX budget.”

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